Between 2017 and 2020 we developed all the core technology (electronics, software, mechanics/enclosure, high temperature probe) required to realise a commercial thermometer capable of working up to 1,000°C in a practical format (1kg and 1L):


Johnson Noise Thermometer


One of the most notable achievements of this phase was that when the prototype was tested for EMC (electromagnetic compatibility), it was shown to be completely immune to external electromagnetic radiation up to the heavy industrial limits as specified in EN61000-4-3:


Johnson Noise Thermometer


In 2021 we have been characterising all the JNT sub-systems in order to optimise the design and produce a comprehensive uncertainty budget for the thermometer. By the end of 2021 we will have all the technology required to produce a commercial Johnson Noise Thermometer and will start to work with potential adopters on the development and production of the first commercial product using this new technology.



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